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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

James Bach Live in India : Hosted by Moolya : December 2012

As James Bach's student and colleague, it is such a proud moment to build a company that within its 2nd year anniversary is able to hire him to help us and fellow Indians be more inspired and challenged.

A lot has changed since James came in 2003 to India. James is definitely more excited to come to India now. He sees there is a lot of potential here, a lot more than what he probably thought existed in 2003. It is not because of me, it is because of you folks. A company is beyond an individual. The stories that James has listened to and experienced over the last  few years about testers in India has convinced him that this is a region of the world to look out that could become a serious competition for value and not just on cost to other countries of the world. About Moolya, too. He was recently in Finland and someone recommended Moolya to him as a good testing services company.

James has published this on his website "India has a lot of testers, almost all of whom are unknown to the Context-Driven School of testing. In recent years, leaders have been emerging. And this is a very exciting development."

There are more and more testers from India gaining international reputation and demonstrating the value they can add and on how par they can think with great thinkers of the testing world. We as Moolya wanted to help more testers from India gain the benefit of James expertise. 

A lot of Indian testers are excited about his visit too. Before the announcement went up the air, a little less than half of the public class seems to have been blocked by companies wanting to send testers in groups. That is how much people want to be sure they make it in. Not everybody is connected to Moolya Facebook page (which already has more than a 1000 likes) and Twitter (which has got more than 500 followers) so I thought I would write this blog post to help you with details.

There are limited seats only. I am hoping you need to act fast if you really want to make it. The cost is 40,000 Rupees + 12.36% service tax. Yeah, yeah, I know what you are thinking. Not if your company sponsors you because they are the ones who are going to be benefited by you benefiting from this class.

Hurry and don't delay - Register!. Send your registration to sales@moolya.com and payment in advance is compulsory to confirm. Mark December 3rd and 4th for James Bach Live. 

Unleash the true tester hiding in you and if you need help, James can. 


Vijay said...

that would be the greatest moment for every Indian tester!

Anonymous said...

45K for it .. Moolya is making people fool. You should know whats the woth of 45K. He is not going take Lac of dollars from u

Pradeep Soundararajan said...


You are right. Our intention is to fool people. Am glad you discovered it.

David Greenlees said...


That is CHEAP! When compared to the value gained...


Great news mate! A job well done by you all at Moolya. :0)

Unknown said...

@ Anonymous

You just found a showstopper Critical Bug. Hats off.

I'm not attending it because its expensive but I would never say that its not worth.

Jishu said...

Indeed it is.. Damn Expensive!
Wouldn't it be useful to mention the details around this meet.. ? like, Agenda, Duration,Suitable Audience.. Take aaways.. etc etc..

Pradeep Soundararajan said...


The links that has details of the class are in this post.

I am glad we priced it to make you feel it is damn expensive.

The first takeaway of this class is - one needs to grow in life to make such classes affordable or need to talk to their employer about sponsoring.

Rahul Gupta said...


Before this blog post was written, details were made available by Team Moolya on their website. For your reference, please find the below link for "Agenda, Duration,Suitable Audience.. Take aaways.. etc " (yes aaways as yo put it).

Jishu said...

Well Pradeep, it is good to see you motivated so much.. I'm begining to think that the take away you mentioned was certainly missin from the actual link, but it would have tickled many minds if it were there! But help me understand, you believe arrogance is the only way to deliver truth with confidance?
"Damn expensive" is an opinion. An individual's perception. What if Rex Black told you that it was Damn Expensive? You will repeat your words?

Thanks for the link Rahul..

Pradeep Soundararajan said...


I was trying to push you hard to register for the class if you really want to experience it probably because I learnt it the hard way. Sorry if it did hurt.

Don't compare yourselves with Rex Black though.

Anonymous said...

AbsurD!! 45K??? Even Enrique's show here dint costed more den 5K.

Pradeep Soundararajan said...


You know what a dinner with Enrique costs? Anyhow, am glad it was absurd to you. We only wanted those who were serious and did get the class to be full.