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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weekend Testing : 16 : Test and Experience Report

Mission: To find three conditions where Defender wins, Defender loses, and Neither Defender wins nor Attacker Wins for SpeedSim.

Deliverable: Send the combat report of the simulated battle for each of the conditions in a zip file.

Tester: Pradeep Soundararajan
Time: 3:00 PM IST , 28th Nov, 2009

Later there were more missions that were added (bad I didnt pay much attention but was able to recover quickly )


# I downloaded the application and asked questions about the version of the file before I installed.
# Having some time, I discovered the existence of an online version of what I downloaded and installed.
# I am spending time trying to learn what the application does. Wondering how I should learn this game.
# Found a tutorial of what this app is all about at : http://www.speedsim.net/index.php?page=tutorial. Quickly brushing through it.
# Working on achieving the mission at 3:20
# At about 3:35, I feel I am close to accomplishing the mission but not sure if there is a trap in there.
# I wonder what a partial win is? For instance in one of the report below I saw a 98% win for Defender ( Can I achieve a 50% win )
# I realize that I am not getting caught by the complexity of so many fields to achieve the mission. Keeping it simple.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Rahul Verma on Fuzzing for software testers : Nov 23, 2009

I think I was stupid to have missed mentioning this tutorial from Rahul Verma on Fuzzing for software testers in my previous post. My apologies to all testers from India for overlooking at our own indigenous talent. Rahul, please forgive me.

Fuzzing is a very interesting topic and I dont want to loose out on attending his session in Bangalore.Have you ever corrupted a file? Have you been curious to see what happens to your system when the database is corrupted? What happens to a live / production server if a file is corrupted? Have you ever experienced a file/data corruption at the customer end and the ripples it caused your organization. I know its very important and thankfully Rahul has focused on it much beyond most of us. If I could better my fuzzing skills, I can extend my competitive advantage.

Once I was a part of a test team whose responsibility was to test multimedia streaming on a Pocket PC. Pesticide Paradox kicked in and our test data was no longer helping us to find problems.