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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Exploring Exploratory Testing : Bangalore : August 15 : Free*

Update : In less than 48 hours of this post, there are about 40+ registrations and I am not taking anymore registrations. To those who are in the first 40, they would receive an email from Yagnesh who is helping me help you. You will receive an email from Yagnesh by 12:00 PM IST on 10th August, 2012 with details. Apologies for not being able to accommodate more this time. If you don't mind being on a wait list in case someone drops out, send me your willingness to be on the wait list. However, wait list means, we are not sure if we would still have a place for you.

There are four reasons this class is for free. First, the money I need comes from Moolya. Second, it is Independence Day for India and becoming a great exploratory tester helps in winning your freedom from scripts that make you a slave. Third, the Moolya office can accommodate about 30-40 testers in our main work station area and I don't need to pay anything to hire it for a day. Fourth, it is Michael Bolton's birthday. What a way to celebrate Michael Bolton's birthday!

To add to it : Shmuel Gershon has come from Israel to Bangalore and he is going to participate and present something for us. For those who do not yet know Shmuel, he is one of the fantastic guys in testing, he is the one behind Rapid Reporter and is a Context Driven Test Leader

Venue: Moolya's office at South End Road, Bangalore
Time: 9:30 AM (sharp) to 5:30 PM (blunt)

Topic covered:

  • Styles of exploratory testing
  • Why testers struggle with it
  • Test coverage - as the fundamental approach
  • How to use Heuristics & Oracles
  • Practice sessions (if you are bringing your laptop)
  • Session Based Test Management
  • Courage for software testers
  • Unlimited Question & Answers
Participants need to:

  • Send me an email to pradeep dot srajan at gmail dot com
  • Preference would be given to those who have not yet attended my workshops
  • No more than 35 participants
  • Bring your own lunch / figure out a hotel nearby (there are plenty of good options)

Its time!