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Thursday, October 25, 2012

In memory of Ola Hylten

In Oredev 2008, a stylish young man talked to me about testing and he turned out to be Ola Hylten. We struck a connection right from our first conversation and we started feeling friends. The conversation went online once the conference was over. We built mutual respect for each other. So much that we were thrilled to meet again last year November.

Ola invited me home and he drove me to his home and dropped back at the hotel. I had a great dinner at his home and he was asking if he could be the first member of Moolya - Sweden, when it happens. His home is such a wonderful place and it may no longer be the same. I met with his 2 wonderful daughters, his girl friend and his brother. It is still in my eyes, the 3 hours I spent in his home.

Ola was Ola, a fun guy to hang out with. He and I mostly spoke about testing and our community. He cared for our community and its betterment as much as everyone of us who is serious about it does. He was respected by everybody with whom he interacted. I could experience it.  We had several email conversations and moments of laughter, mutual respect, sharing the frustration and happiness. He was so proud to be a part of making Lets Test conference. He told me several times about how much it makes him feel good and great.

My heart is unable to handle this news that he is no longer with us. I would have hugged him in 2 weeks but that won't happen now. I am going to miss you Ola. You should not have made me write a post in memory of you but you did it.

Ola lived a great life, personally and professionally, too. He showed all of us what passion to testing meant. He has now silently ejected himself out of this world.

I am unable to handle this pain Ola. I will miss you.


Annette said...

Thanks Pradeep, this means a lot


Mohinder said...

What a sad day we thought we will never see. Life is full of surprises. Sometimes it is hard to realise why bad things happen. Reading about his achievements makes me feel that I knew him well enough to be my good friend. Like everyone close to him, I will miss him immensely. I had great expectation to meet him face to face at Next LetTest 2013 and through some of my own fun punch lines at him and get to know him better. It is a tragedy for me that I will not be able to fulfil that dream. We are all going to miss him. We pray for his soul and take inspiration from his contribution to the community.

My thoughts are with his family and friends