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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

All testing done should be...

All testing done should be...
  • Risk based : Caring to not  lose users, money, name, market share, brand value, customers, people
  • Business driven : Focused on goals that business wants to achieve
  • With care for users : really caring for them and not masturbating about caring for them
  • To improve sales :  focusing on conversion, funnel, lesser cost per customer acquisition
  • To increase profitability : to be more efficient while making the same money
  • To make customers happy : by just allowing them to do what they intend to with the software

Does your testing fit the above pointers?

I think tests, heuristics or your lovely test cases should be classified according to the above categories other than your favorite little bunnies of functional, sanity, regression.

If, all your testing does, is to test for functional stability and not care for the above pointers - your testing is of extremely low value and someday nobody would care for you and your test cases. Not that you don't know.

It was intentional to use the word "should be" because the pointers I gave are meta layers to why testers exist or need to exist.