"Some birds aren't meant to be caged, their feathers are just too bright"- Morgan Freeman, Shawshank Redemption. This blog is from one such bird who couldn't be caged by organizations who mandate scripted software testing. Pradeep Soundararajan welcomes you to this blog and wishes you a good time here and even otherwise.

Moolya software testing services

With no surprises, Moolya Software Testing Private Limited is the company I co-founded with Santhosh Tuppad. 

So, what's this company all about?

Moolya Software Testing Pvt. Ltd., headquartered in Bangalore, is the new generation testing services company providing services ranging from offshore testing, on-site testing, exploratory testing & consulting to small, medium and large software organizations across the globe. Moolya Testing offerings are wide enough to be brought in at any phase of the project. Be it before going to a demo at a conference, beta testing before going live or throughout the product life cycle. Moolya Testing delivers all testing services to its customers with wider and deeper test coverage.

Why we think Moolya Testing is special?

Moolya belongs to a very important time period in testing. It is started by those who started their career as a tester, have remained hands on & shall remain hands on. They may hold the designation as the Director or CEO but they can test good if not great. They have at least played a small role, if not big, to stir the beginning of Renaissance in Indian Testing. They know what customers want, they know what testers want. They are young yet experienced, with lots of energy & passion. Most important of all, they have nothing to lose, so they can be crazy, creative, sound jazzy, cool, and do things that other companies just isn't doing. They are the Microsoft & Apple of 1970's. They are the Google of the 1990's. This would probably be the first Indian services company that would not talk about "head count" but talk about "brain count" of their employees.

What we do?

Is this page worth your time? We hope so. We are aware that it might be of good help to those who are

* Startups
* Niche product organizations
* Small to Medium sized software development organizations
* Large products & services organization
* Software developers & testers seeking out opportunities
* Our competitors looking at what they should better on

Outsourced Testing Services

If you plan to outsource your testing, we can be of help to you. What we mean by "help" is, we could test your products and provide test reports that has necessary information to take better informed decisions.
For instance, if there are 10 functional bugs with high severity, should you consider stopping the release? Should you consider fixing them all for your current release? Would it really matter to your customers? What segment of customers would be affected by these problems? What is the cost of fixing these problems versus not fixing them for a while? What risks are you taking?
These are some kind of questions we help you answer. In other words, we facilitate the decision process without intruding into your own business decisions.
Moolya means "value"

User Acceptance (Reject-ance) & Beta Testing

We are pretty good at testing that determines worthiness of your money for the software you plan to accept. We provide test reports that helps your vendor fix problems faster and determine the priority in which they should be fixed.
We have proven track record. Above all we love to beta test products. You might want to consider learning the difference of getting people who love to test for your testing needs.
Moolya means "value"

Exploratory Software Testing Services & Session Based Test Management

We have been practicing exploratory software testing over the years and could be considered on par (max, a little less) with some leading exploratory testers across the globe.
We could help you test your software with no wasteful documentation. which gives us a whole lot of time for doing tests to increase coverage, focusing on several quality criteria. Overall giving you an additional 180 degrees view of your products.
Ask for Session Based Test Management, if you'd like insights into what testers did every 2 hours of their work. We are specialized in performing exploratory testing from freestyle to checklists to loosely scripted contexts.
Moolya means "value"

Check (Test) Automation & Test Data / Test Design Automation

Thankfully, for you, we have automated checks in the past. We have taken special care about our education in automation to help you prevent from being fooled by numbers. We'd like to tell you the story behind those numbers.
We believe in not automating things that are not supposed to be automated. That helps us learn what needs to be automated and how they need to be done. We don't have magical ROI calculators but we do ask one question for everything you'd like to be automated: what is the cost versus value?
Moolya means " "

Testing for demo

If you are a product start up, a mid sized product company or really big organization and want to throw open a demo of your new product at a conference that is going to be watched over by thousands or millions, we can help you do the demo with a safe feeling.
We have specialized testing for demo of products and we can bring in our experience to help you discover paths you could explore and paths you might not want to. Failure of demo usually picks up as a news item, we want that to happen for your products, only in positive ways.
Moolya means " " ( you got it )

Consulting & Training

We are open to helping you learn how has your progress been. You may be doing very well but unless you know that, you may not feel good about continuing to do good. If you are doing bad, our consultants would help you not continue with that. The next time, you'd like an assessment of your product, productivity, test coverage, strategies, plan, executing testing work or get your teams trained on stuff that can make them more valuable to you, just remind yourself of having read these sentences in our website.
Moolya means " " (you got it, again)


Sorry for the ++ but we had to use it. We have been staffed into a few organizations in our previous lives (when we were employees) and do very well understand why you don't get much benefits out of it although it looks like you have brought down the cost. We take good care of the learning of the staffed testers to ensure they bring you value and continue to do that. Our hiring page should tell you that story.
Moolya forever means "value"

You should consider writing to us at sales@moolya.com or hit the contact page.
Oh, we didn't mention on which domains / technologies we can achieve the above?
For people who learn and practice general systems thinking should that matter? If it does - we test software.
Software that runs on computers - Web - Desktop
Software that runs on mobile phones - Firmware - Mobile applications
Software that runs on cloud
Software that runs on gadgets, devices & gizmos

For testers searching for a true career in testing, you should visit our Career section. You may love it.