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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Progress Report 2009 : Pradeep Soundararajan

On clicking that image, the progress report should download. Hate that idea? You can download the same file by clicking on this link, too. 

Other updates: 
  • There is a public workshop on Skilled Exploratory Testing planned in Chennai on Saturday, March 27th, interested testers send an e-mail to me at pradeep.srajan@gmail.com OR if you know of any testers in Chennai who want to attend this please pass them on the information. The fees are very nominal but please don't ask for Ranganthan Street rates!
  • I am releasing a book this year. No, not the interviews book. Not that you have to pay for it. I am going to make it available online for free. I am tired of the process of getting it published. Maybe if it does well, some publisher would volunteer to slow down the process. Sharath Byregowda knows what book I am talking about. Hard bound printed versions shall also be available on demand. I need someone with real good English to help me copy edit the draft I have. 
Oh, don't forget to checkout 2009 Progress Report. It is a PDF file for sure. Thank you all.


Adam Goucher said...

Since you mention it in your review, I will reiterate what I sent you regarding Beautiful Testing: there is nothing to be ashamed of by not reviewing the book.

As you pointed out, this is not a time boxed event nor do I expect to hear from everyone who got review copies -- it would be nice, but it just doesn't happen. Life happens. (This is something to keep in mind when you start sending out books for review.)

Have you seen Corey Haines' Personal Corporate Retreat? He kinda flips this exercise on its head by looking forward rather than reflecting back.

Now if only I had the discipline to do either. :)

Pradeep Soundararajan said...


My guilt was not just because I could not review it but about not being able to provide help to you. Shouldn't I feel guilty of not being able to contribute to Beautiful Testing? :)

Plus, after trying to write a book (no wait, 2 books) I know what it means to bring out a book. Kudos for that and hope to be of help in future.

Mansi said...

Hey pradeep it’s an indeed pleasure working with you always, I learned so many things from you and never felt that you have stolen any credits, whatever we did was nothing but the team work and not that I have done anything extra. It’s great to work with you always; I learn something new all the time. Look forward to your guidance and suggestions in future.

Pradeep Soundararajan said...


So kind of you. It was a pleasure working with you and I enjoyed it so much that I forgot on the credits :)

I look forward to working with you again.

Sharath Byregowda said...

WOW! the book is finally here, cant wait for long now. Release it soon.


Unknown said...

I would like to improve quality of testing in my organisation and working quality of my IT department. Its a middle level company and we dont use any documentation. I thought of so many options but still confused what to do? Please help and give me few suggestions.