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Monday, March 08, 2010

Bangalore Workshop on Software Testing - 2 on 3rd April

If you have been my blog reader for a while, you are likely to be cognizant about Bangalore Workshop on Software Testing or BWST. If you don't know about it, no problem, the post and details are still there. So, BWST – 1 was attended by testers from Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai. Oh, you should read the experience report and you’d realize how much fun we had or how much fun you missed. 

So here comes the announcement of BWST 2. Santhosh Tuppad and I are organizers of this event and Parimala would be facilitating the workshop. Vipul Kocher, President, Indian Testing Board has volunteered to be a venue sponsor for it.

“Cutting (c)trap and getting good things done”

Many experienced testers of India that I have come across, claim to have made at least one proposal of doing better testing to their management. Most of them also claim that the management doesn’t help to implement the proposed ideas. At times lot of gyaan is also given to them. Some of those testers, cut traps and get good things implemented. We thought it would be valuable to listen to such stories and real life experiences of how testers cut the traps that were trying to prevent them from doing better testing. We also love to hear failures. So, if you failed miserably or maybe you just failed and want to tell us that story, we’d be glad to hear that.

You have a story like that? Send us a one page abstract of your story to banwost@gmail.com with subject "Sharing my story at BWST2" and we will let you know if it makes to one of the six presentations of BWST – 2. If it doesn't, we shall invite you to be a part of BWST2. 

So, if you are not speaking at BWST-2, you still can participate in it.

This is an invitation only kind of workshop. However, you don’t need to upload your jazz dance video to Youtube, to get invited to this. It’s simple, you write an e-mail to banwost@gmail.com with subject "Participant at BWST2" providing details of you, your work and explaining why you should be attending this workshop.  As the cap for participants of this workshop is 30, we would urge you to hurry up. Details of venue and other help you might need will be communicated over e-mail to those registered participants.

As such a workshop is not happening elsewhere in India, we want to keep this open to people all over from India and for people like Mike Kelly, who might be planning to come down :) . We hope that such workshops might jump start in other places from India, too. 

Well, I don't quite understand why testers from other cities allow only Bangalore testers to have every bit of fun in testing? Whatever!


You don’t need to pay for anything unless you volunteer to sponsor a coffee for all. We just ask you to take care of your expenses such as your travel, stay (if you are coming from other places), and food.
If you are in Bangalore and willing to host a tester who comes from outside Bangalore, send an e-mail to me. Parimala has agreed to host one female tester who might be interested in this workshop and is coming from elsewhere in India. I am hosting one. Oh, by the way, we don't have a Taj Mahal view and gold rim wash basins at home.

Update : March 22: All seats have been filled. If you were planning to request for an invite, you are too late. I am sorry.


Parimala Hariprasad said...


BWST-2 is all set to ROCK!

Parimala Shankaraiah

Unknown said...

The link you've provided to your earlier post in the first paragraph is broken. If you click on 'the post' you get an 'HTTP 404-Page not found' error.However, clicking on the link 'and details' works.


Sharath Byregowda said...

I know, BWST - 1 was so much fun, this time I feel the fun will be doubled, with a lady facilitator :).


Santhosh Tuppad said...

BWST - 1 was fun. I think this time there will much more participants who will be willing to participate. And also last time in BWST - 1 it was nice to see testers coming to participate in BWST - 1 from Mumbai & Pune. Waiting for April 3rd.

Santhosh Shivanand Tuppad

Pradeep Soundararajan said...


Thanks for informing. I guess its corrected now.

Manjunatha Channaveerappa said...

Good to see that BWST is here again. It was helpful last time. Hope it can solve many more Testers problems, this time as well.

I congratulate Santosh for joining hands with Pradeep in organizing the event.

Manjunatha C

Unknown said...

When u people going to organize such workshops in delhi. I am keen to participate in such an event.

Pradeep Soundararajan said...


When u people going to organize such workshops in delhi. I am keen to participate in such an event.

Why should we organize an event in Delhi for people like you to participate? Isn't that a responsibility of someone in Delhi?

We can help you facilitate such a workshop but definitely, we won't do it for you. If testers from Delhi aren't bothered about themselves, why should we bother?

[ Note: My tone is a little harsh, not to insult but to help you and other testers from Delhi or maybe other places in India question themselves about their passion and commitment ]

NX said...

Hi Pradeep,
this is nipun, please have your workshop in cochin...

Test Explorer said...

:( too bad I did not see this before. I am in Bangalore on the 3rd April....if by any chance a seat opens up, please let me know.


Lynn McKee said...

This is exciting to come across today. I learned of TWST in 2009 while attending the CAST conference. I was delighted when I received an invite and was able to attend TWST 2009 last September.

Following TWST 2009, I co-founded the Calgary Perspectives on Software Testing Workshop, POST, modeled after TWST. The first ever POST Workshop was held in March and was a great success. You can check it out here www.postworkshop.ca. On the site I have links to similar workshops. I would love to include a linke for BWST. What would be best for me to link to?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Lynn McKee
Quality Perspectives

Pradeep Soundararajan said...


Thanks for dropping by. POST and BWST appear to have roots from TWST and that's cool.

For linking you may use : http://testertested.blogspot.com/search/label/BWST

I wish more success for POST in the coming years. I know, its really fun to learn through peer workshops.

Lynn McKee said...

Excellent! The POST website has been updated. http://www.postworkshop.ca/links.html

Keep in touch!