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Friday, March 02, 2007

Braidy Tester interviews Tester Tested

Before I started to write Tester Tested, I spent a lot of time researching on existing blogs on testing and software testing. I still remember that Braidy Tester blog topped the search and I did have a look at it.

I am sure there were lot of factors that made me addicted to read Braidy Tester's blog and I kept going through it frequently. "Making developers cry since 1995" - That's amazing, that's Braidy Tester.

You now know Tester Tested! is me ( Pradeep Soundararajan ) and I want to make sure, you are aware that Braidy Tester is Michael J Hunter of Microsoft.

Michael J Hunter, interviewed me for Dr Dobb's Portal and here is your chance to read it. I also strongly recommend you to read other interviews in the same list.

James Bach had to say this after reading the interview : "hey, that's a great story", " ..a fabulous bug story!".

I think you shouldn't miss reading it. The feeling of "First Indian on the list" is sensational!

Equally sensational moment was to know that Braidy Tester said: "I find Pradeep's blog Tester Tested a fascinating read".

All this has left me so happy because I now have turbo power fuel to push myself to work more hard and contribute to the testing community, and Indian testing community in particular.

If you are reading this line without reading the interview, you shouldn't be reading further :-)

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Anonymous said...

Please see my comment here.

I am wondering why so far nobody congratulated Pradeep on this one.
Is there a taboo or some kind?
Am I get to be cursed, when I say: Congratulations Pradeep.

Pradeep Soundararajan said...

Thank you Erkan!

Binesh Gopalan said...

Hi pradeep,

Its been quite sometime since I have been reading your blog and the response to the many queries posted in orkut.

I truly admire your passion for testing and your response always gets me thinking. I always believe a good tester should not be limited by "testing terminologies and documents" but dare to question and always doubt product/application he is testing.

Thanks a lot for the links you provided in your blog...all worth reading and re affirms my belief that "Testing is not a profession but an art".

Thnaks a lot.