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Friday, March 09, 2007

The 2 hour Mirchi Test Masala

Is there one day in a month that you sit free in office?

Yes, in my experience there have been times where there is more than a day free but let's assume you have 2 hours, wanting to listen or watch something exciting and unfortunately videos and audios are blocked.

Ah! I have had this experience, I wanted to learn a lot but restrictions from the IT department did not allow me to watch all those interesting stuff on internet about testing and what people have been saying about testing. Also, in my knowledge there is not someone who is accessible to be called for a 2 hour talk on testing that excites a tester to do a lot better testing.

Satisfice Tester, Pradeep Soundararajan is now available for these 2 hour talks for FREE*!

* - Free means, absolutely Free! (This would work out a great deal for companies in Bangalore)

Am I stupid to do it for Free* (or) I have so much money that even if I charge you for that, it wouldn't make a a difference?

Actually, it makes a difference for me if I charge you but as I understand the importance of making difference, I love to make a difference for you in 2 hours in terms of the knowledge and skills I can share or display.

Well it is this simple. This 2 hour talk on testing does also help me a lot - I meet a lot of testers, interact with them, get and ask questions, learn new things, help testers learn new things, pass on some valuable information for free... who knows the company might come back asking for a consulting from me!

I must agree that this is one of my marketing strategy. My research and interaction with a few experts in Software Testing says, "Indian companies do need skilled testing but unfortunately they haven't realized that they need it" and here is a chance for them to realize through my 2 hour free talk. I am not only helping myself but I am helping companies to realize that they can do a lot better testing.

Michael Hunter from Microsoft mentioned that I am one of the rising and shining star of Indian testing. Being in India, don't you think "do we really have such a wonderful tester in India and why don't we try him out?" ( A wonderful tester doesn't mean I am an expert but I certainly am one, in future)

I am not the only wonderful tester in India, even you could be one but perhaps I have been tried and tested by many testers. In the recent past I have been coaching a tester from Germany who gets so enthusiastic and excited after each interaction we have and he has been recommending me to many others.

I guess I also need to bring Shrinivas Kulkarni to limelight. If you aren't bent on listening to me you might want to listen to a senior test manager of iGate who is behind success of test automation of iGate. He is a giant when it comes to getting success on automation. People are all around, tap their shoulder and they could do wonders for you. ( I don't know Shrini's schedule but pushing him to do this)

Now here is a small wonder I can do, as I have said earlier: I offer all corporate or testing training centre in Bengalooru ( Bangalore ) or any other place in India a FREE* 2 hour Mirchi Test Masala.

For those non-Indian readers of my blog, Mirchi Masala means "spices"!

So, pick your phone and dial +91-98451-76817 and say "Mirchi Test Masala Needed", the IVR ( me ) would ask you "Please mention a date and time" and if the date and time is free in Pradeep's schedule, the IVR ( me ) would say, "Confirmed: 2 hour Mirchi Test Masala would be delivered on [date] and [time] at your office".

Come on test the IVR, I heard it doesn't crash!

-- Pradeep Soundararajan - http://testertested.blogspot.com - pradeep.srajan@gmail.com

"Pradeep's first language is not English--his first language appears to be testing." -- Michael Bolton

Update : 19/03/07 : Huawei, Ionidea, DELL, Celstream and a lot of individuals... in just one week. Are you sure you or your company want to miss this?

Update : 27/03/07 : Hasten Technologies and now Mirchi Talk is going to Chennai, too.
It's now or never!


Erkan Yilmaz said...

All what I say here is only for my context. If I write: this helped me, this means this was a way for my actual context – this does not mean it might help you in the same way, because you may be in a (completely) different situation.
So, read the following with an open mind please.

It is really true, the interactions with Pradeep made me enthusiastic and excited. Why?

At first we did not know each other, so the normal chit chat began. Then Pradeep observed how I test and analyzed this – I also observed him testing. In both cases I learned a lot and have involved this in my daily work.
He also showed me how to write much better bug reports and I use this in my work now. And I see a real difference.
I also bought a notepad, which I bound on a ribbon and wear it now around my neck always, so I can input all the observations I have (Of course people are asking now: “What is this notepad about?” I tell them: “To help me get better.” ) and reflect on these.
Recent encountering was this: I did not react good at one situation and in that situation I did not realize it that much - was excited and I noted it in my notebook - and this helped a great deal. Reason: it forced me to observe my actions and express my feelings and then: I went to the person and told that my behaviour was not professional and we talked about it and in the end we both were laughing again.

At the moment Pradeep is challenging me with this: I have to complete two assignments and only then I can contact Pradeep again – pretty much motivating 

So, the small list above are things which I could implement fast.
But the main change which is still ongoing: I have realized again, there is so much to learn and do. I am rethinking more, I am concentrating much more on my personal skills development. I am reading much more again (in the last weeks started 4 books). I have made a picture of me lately with a happy face to show this Pradeep and others. My mood is better now and people around me recognize this. Reason is: I have realized that it is in my power to change things.

This all does not mean I am now the best tester or best person of the whole universe, but it makes me better than before with every day – change does not come over night.
So, you could perhaps say, well nothing new in what I tell. Perhaps all here was written already somewhere and I just needed to apply it. Maybe, but I know, that this all began when I met Pradeep. He was the catalyzer. He is taking care by asking, how things go. I observe from different things that he is really interested. He is a good listener. And I am very open with Pradeep, I tell him really what bothers me, because only then I can expect a valuable comment. I am understanding Pradeep much better now through the interactions – he is not a text writer without a face anymore. I get to know, why he does what he does.

Well, why don’t you try his offer? I would say you will gain. I already gained.

Erkan Yilmaz

Pradeep Soundararajan said...

Thank you Erkan!

I am happy that you wrote what others might call as my testimonial. Let's see what others have to say or not say :)

I am happy that you realize the value despite me offering it for free.

BTW, I forgot to mention in my blog that Jerry Weinberg said, "Give your best work for free" and I see this is my best work and I am happy about that.

Thanks again and don't forget to complete those assignments!

Anonymous said...


I still remember my first mail to Pradeep, he has actually found 6 bugs in the informal mail for a query that I had written to him...

That is the true idnetity of a real tester. as the time passed he has actually made me think different way, a new dimension of thinking..think logicaly and act differently.

he has stupendous power of thinking and analyzing things, but the best part is he shares what he has learnt and also gives solutions ahich will make one thinking deeply in to the solution, so it is not just a solution it is a new approach to it.

He is making testers better and better...

gals_confused said...

Let me extend your IVR dialogue a bit.. would it also say what is the next free slot??

Nice post...
Hopefully, I get a chance to have some Masala Soon...

Pradeep Soundararajan said...


It's a smartest IVR and it would give you an answer that fits the context on you or someone asking the question :)

Thanks and I too wish I give you the taste of the Masala!