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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fake Agile - Test Consultant

I call myself a Fake Agile - Test Consultant. All consulting I have done in the space of Agile never exposed to me what some people over the internet seem to be talking about.

When I first read the Agile Manifesto I was excited. It sounded a lot like Context Driven Testing to me. I was hoping that tons of problems I faced in my career with poor software engineering practices would go away and people would be more happy developing and testing software. I saw more stressed faces or more irresponsible faces.

In reality, all places I have been exposed to in India is running Fake Agile. Consulting such teams, it would not be true if I call myself experienced in Agile. After working with those teams, I realize some Waterfall model teams I worked with had better maturity in being Agile and agile although they didn't call it that way. Even Natural Agile teams suffer with people wanting them to be Fake Agile.

I believe in collaboration. Even before I read Agile Manifesto. I believed in People over Process and Fake Agile makes me even more believe People over Process.

As a part of my consulting Fake Agile Teams, I get them to a point where they recognize and say "Yeah, this ain't agile". I end up creating a good foundation for the Real Agile Consultant to come and do the job they are good at. 

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