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Sunday, December 19, 2010

News - Moolya Software Testing Private Limited launched

I have been patiently waiting to write this post. Many times I wanted to but then I postponed it to this moment and I would tell you why. The news is: Santhosh Tuppad and I have co-founded Moolya Software Testing Private Limited in Bangalore.

What this means to customers, you and the testing community?

That's an important question we'd like to answer. We are going to be offering testing services. Take a look at our logo and that would tell you the first part of the story. Do you know what Moolya means?

We wanted our name to depict what kind of testing we practice and offer our customers. The central theme of our testing is "cost versus value". Moolya is a Hindi word which has two meanings: cost & value. We simply loved it the moment we discovered it. Added to that was domain name availability. It was available and we just jumped on it. 

We crowd sourced the logo design and ITdude (as the designer likes to be called) from Philipines did this excellent logo for us that symbolizes what we wanted to depict as our next theme of testing than cost versus value - using brains - thinking skills & not rote procedures. My uncle who has been a logo designer himself, gave a little touch of his own to the logo to add a vibrant color and choose the font and design our business cards and letter heads.

Then on the services part, we choose to target people who value good testing. Fortunate for us, even before our incorporation, we had a customer wanting our services. Our first project was to test a Cloud Based Operating System. We felt blessed to have that kind of a start for our company. The client was and is happy. They have given us more business.

For those planning to outsource their testing work or seek consulting, the services we offer are

  • Offshore testing services
  • Exploratory Software Testing Services & Session Based Test Management
  • Check (Test) Automation & Test Design Automation
  • User Rejectance (Acceptance) Testing & Beta Testing
  • Consulting & Training
  • Staffing++

So what, everybody provides that? As every company says they are different, we'd like to say, we aren't just like those different folks out there. You should consider visiting the Services page for more details.

For testers  

We hire testers, isn't that good news? ;-) More than that, our interviewing isn't going to be traditional or easy. You don't send us your resume, you send us your test report, a contact number and an email id we could get in touch with you. We would discuss about your test report and get you to test software and put you in different contexts. That's our way of hiring. Even if we scale to thousand testers, maybe, in a couple of years, we will hire that way. Right from freshers to senior people, they should be good at testing. If in case you have a certification, we don't have a problem with that. We don't care about your certification because we care for you. We are working hard at planning and creating a women friendly organization. We are also going to be tapping a lot of hidden talent.

We believe and practice what Fiona Charles said, "Lousy customer service often comes from unhappy employees. Treat people well & they'll pass good will on." 

We will treat you well. You may like going through our Careers page

For the community

We are working on putting our office open to all testers during Sunday. We are going to be stocking lots of good books (The Weinberg, The Kaner, The Bach, The Koomey, The Guaspari, ...), providing you power and internet and you may make the best use of it. You may end up meeting other testers who have come in to read books or practice testing, and can enjoy what you enjoy the most - learning to test & continuing to be better at it. You might find Moolya employees on Sunday chilling out if they need with you folks. Wouldn't it be great if we provide free wi-fi to those who wouldn't download movies but use it to learn testing? Yes, it would be.

We currently have a 25 seater office and as our business expands, we'd like to care for more of you. We just hope to make this company a dream company for good testers. We know we will make it.  

Why we think Moolya Testing is special?

Moolya belongs to a very important time period in testing. It is started by those who started their career as a tester, have remained hands on & shall remain hands on. They may hold the designation as the Director or CEO but they can test good if not great. They have at least played a small role, if not big, to stir the beginning of Renaissance in Indian Testing. They know what customers want, they know what testers want. They are young yet experienced, with lots of energy & passion. Most important of all, they have nothing to loose, so they can be crazy, creative, sound jazzy, cool, and do things that other companies just isn't doing. They are the Microsoft & Apple of 1970's. They are the Google of the 1990's. This would probably be the first Indian services company that would not talk about "head count" but talk about "brain count" of their employees.

Our culture

Just because we are testers, it doesn't mean we haven't educated ourselves on anything else. We have put special emphasis on our culture. We have been working on things that can make a great culture to a company. What is that? We'd get our employees tell you those stories, than we letting all of it.

My wishes to Santhosh Tuppad

I'd also like to mention that by having co-founded Moolya with me, Santhosh Tuppad, must have become the youngest tester entrepreneur. Congratulations to him. You are a bravo.

Going forward, India might see more such. As I said, Moolya Testing is the first of its kind company from India that is aligned with the Indian Testing Renaissance. 


A note of thanks to my colleagues Parimala, Sharath Byregowda, Manoj Nair, Dhanasekar S & Mohan Panguluri, Vipul Kocher, Nandan Pujar, Satish Thakur, James Bach & Michael Bolton for the support they have offered so far. Needless to say, without our parents, siblings & family help, we wouldn't have been able to achieve this. 

Follow Moolya Testing

Feel free to join us on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn. Peruse through our website. I postponed writing this post multiple times to be able to write this from the office of Moolya Software Testing Private Limited. We are in JP Nagar 2nd Phase, Bangalore. Feel free to contact us. The story of starting Moolya Software Testing Private Limited will be launched as a book in 2011. It's going to be self-published.

"Consider engaging Moolya for your testing needs, we'd like to put smiles on *your* customers face." 


Shrini Kulkarni said...

All the best Pradeep - in this entrepreneurial venture ... Feel free to reach out if you need any help.

Hope this company of your will be give something to think about for your competitors already.


Anonymous said...

Pradeep and Santhosh,
Hearty Congratulations first of all. Then All the Best, then happy to see my name getting mentioned in this post. I am sure "Moolya Software Testing Private Limited" will reach great heights that no other company has reached, will achieve a lot that no other company has achieved.
Wanted to remind the tweet I replied when one Googler in GTAC 2010 tweeted Brainual is not a word after your lighting talk on Brainual testing, "Even Google was not a word few years back, so is Braniual"
--Dhanasekar S

Ajay Balamurugadas said...

Congratulations. Much needed testing service.

All the best.
Ajay Balamurugadas.

Rahul Verma said...

Pradeep and Santhosh,

Congratulations and all the best!

Unknown said...

Congratulations Pradeep and Santosh! These are exciting times indeed for Indian testers!

Ramprasad Soundararajan said...


manual software testing said...

It is really a perfect time for our software tester I want to congratulate both of you on this occasion.

Prakasan K said...

Congratulations, Pradeep. Long pending from you..all the best.


Ajoy Kumar Singha said...

Congratulations Pradeep and Santhosh.

This is the 'beginning of end' for your competitors and 'end of beginning' for bad testing and bad hiring practice that we see in India.

All the best and let me know help that I can offer for this venture.

~Ajoy Kumar Singha

Ram said...

Kudos to Pradeep and santhosh.Hearty congratulations and wish you both and Moolya a great success.


Mubbashir said...

All the very best Santhosh and Pardeep.
Wishing moolya to be the place where every Tester wants to be at, a place where Testing is Innovative, Practical and effective.

Selim Mia said...

Congratulations!! Pradeep and Santhosh. All the best wishes to both of you and Moolya for a great success.

- Selim

Kiran said...

Congratulations and all the the best.

Nandan said...

Dear Pradeep and Santhosh,

Congratulations! May god bless you two and Moolya to engage much much more into testing :)

Meeta Prakash said...

Congratulations !! ........Its a long time dream come true ....wishing you and Santhosh the very best for many more successes to come your way !


'Moolya Software Testing' Rocking opening... Next level of independent testing concern....

Thala u always rock, my heart wishes for moolya....


Congratulations dude!!!

Jassi said...

Congrats Pradeep & Santhosh,

I am sure this Moolya would be really Moolyavaan for all of us :)


Sheth Tarik said...

Pradeep and Santosh,

Many Congratulations and all the best.

- Tarik Sheth

Lakshminarasimha Manjunatha Mohan said...

Hi Pradeep and Santosh,

Congradulations. Wish you good luck.


Suresh said...

Congrats to both of you.

Pradeep if you need any help w.r.t company,website, design and registrations in UK. please let me know.

Unknown said...

Congrats Pradeep and Santhosh, wishing Moolya a great success. Much awaited one from you!

ranjitsh said...

आप दोनों को मेरी हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं |

Shiva Mathivanan said...

Hey Pradeep & Sathosh,

My hearty and brainual wishes for you both & Moolya.

This path breaking start-up would pay way for more brainual testers to emerge/outwit in this software testing craft.

@testingideas: As Dhanasekar rightly pointed about the word ‘Google’. There wasn’t the word ‘webinar’ too. I think IT servicing professionals like us is helping dictionary to add words which are realistic and meaningful. :)

This word “Brainual” will be added in dictionary sooner I guess. :)

Best Regards,
Shiva Mathivanan

rozz said...


Looved your website and the way you put up the careers page - this will b the beginning of the end of meaningless testing interviews :)

All the best!!

Priya said...

Hearty Congratulations Pradeep and Santosh!! Best wishes for all the success to you both :)

Unknown said...

Pradeep, Santhosh and Moolya team,

Let us all testers contribute to it to make it successful.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Pradeep,

You are the powerhouse of the dedication..Hats off to it..

Wishing you all the very best for this exciting venture with Santosh.


Shanti said...

Hi Pradeep,
My heartfelt congratulations to you and your buddy entrapreuner!! Knowing you, I am sure this would be a great success. I pray you have a wonderful ride with this.


Sriram said...

Hi Pradeep and Santosh,
All the very best for your joint venture...


Aditya Kalra (Ady) said...

Hey Pradeep,
Awesome , i can see that some people just don't speak but do things that make a difference! Hope this is a new beginning to the testing industry and the way software testing is done and perceived. All the best!

Best Regards,
Aditya Kalra

Deepak said...

Pradeep & Santhosh,
All the very best in your adventure. I am sure your baby is going to scale new heights in testing.

Anitha said...

Hearty Congratulations and wish you all the best!!


S Sarita said...

Congrtulations and Wish You All the best !!!


nhrao said...

Dear Pradeep,

Congrats for you and your partner to come out well and best wishes realise your goals .

NHRao Singapore

Unknown said...

Wonderful Pradeep & Santhosh.

My very best wishes. May be we will have many stories to talk about by your next workshop (if you still have un-billed time for that).


Sandesh Rane said...


All the best to you folks .

SUDHAMSHU....... said...

Heartful wishes to both of my masters.

Planing to join you sooner. As most of them said that this is the new pracrtice of the interviews in INDIA, but I rare came across these interviews all over the world.

SURELY in a short time Moolya.com is going to attract the Universe because you don't follow the basic practisces where as you follow only practices.

@pradeep and @santhosh , I wish you a loads/tons of luck

PlugNPlay said...

I'm very proud of you Pradeep. - Geordie Keitt

Suman said...

Hi Pradeep and Santhosh,

Hearty Congratulations :) and wish you good luck!!


Issi Hazan said...

Great news! I am holding fingers for your success. Good luck!

Gajaraj said...

Congrats Pradeep.

As the saying goes "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities", now you a lot of responsibilities since there would be lots of people reporting to you and depend on you for their livelyhood.

All the best and god bless you both.


Shaham said...

Heartily congratulations to both of you…
Best of luck

Unknown said...

Hai santhosh,

Congratulations and all the best my dear friend...

Pradeep J.K (Mech Engg, REVA college)

Unknown said...

Pradeep guru ji and Santhosh ji,

Heartly Congratulations !!!!!!!

Dinesh Kr Pathak (Rsystems Noida)

Zeger Van Hese said...

Pradeep and Shantosh,
This is a great initiative. Sounds like it has the makings of a success story. I wish you all the best. Goooo Moolya!

Pradeep Soundararajan said...

@ All,

Thanks for your wishes. We would strive hard and be eligible for more wishes from you.