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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Audio Podcast :: What Software Testing Could Be?

If you haven't noticed that I have been doing audio [and video] podcast series Testing Stories from India, no problem. You have known it now.

Here is my latest podcast: What Software Testing Could Be? [ 3.18 MB ]

  • There could be about 28,000 definitions of software testing
  • What? Are there rules of software testing?
  • Many testers don't test their own definitions of software testing?
  • Certified testers hardly speak about the definition they learnt to get certified.
  • What is Pradeep Soundararajan's definition of software testing?
  • What tests did I do on the definitions I subscribe to?
  • What is your definition of software testing?
  • Have you tested the definitions you subscribe to?

Previous Podcasts:

Software Testing Videos:
If you can't download these because your organization firewall doesn't appear to have bugs that let you download these, write to me, I shall send you a copy in an e-mail.


Anonymous said...

Great Pradeep,

I always like your podcasts and those really help me. Specially Testing Lessons from Beer.

All podcast gives sound knowledge even though those are not more than 10 minutes. And I got new things when ever I listen.
So more and more podcast really help us to learn.

Thanks for your helping hands and Happy Testing...


Pradeep Soundararajan said...


You have appreciated my work several times. I would prefer you show the appreciation by helping other testers by writing your own blog and your own set of podcasts.

Dont bother if someone would say its not good. You get good as you get doing it.

Mgr. Anna Havlíčková (dříve Anna Borovcová) said...

I love it. Can you public more audio stories soon? I am looking forward for it.

Pradeep Soundararajan said...


In a couple of months, you will have a treat of this.

anu said...

Hello Sir,

I am a new visitor to your blog.It is very informative.I have started reading your older posts.Learning a lot from you really helps freshers like me.I appreciate all your time you spend in improving Testing community.

I am new to this field.Can you please give a short summary for a good test reporting manner.I would like to know how good to report a test.