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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grammy Award for Michael Bolton and others

Michael Bolton, the singer has won Grammy Awards. This Michael Bolton , a little known mandolin player and largely known singer of good intellectual software testing has been awarded for his innovation and contribution to the community you and me live in, at EuroStar 2008, one of the biggest conferences in the world.

Wait a minute, T H E Y won the award!

I just want to celebrate this more than any of my own success because it makes me so proud that my singing is influenced by THEY. Read more ->

Some Indian testers won thought leadership award at Test 2008 conference. Wondering who they are?

Plus, at STC2008 conference that concluded today, Sharath Byregowda, ( another proud moment for me ) won the Best Contributor award for Test Republic

What does all this say to you?

If you want to be a tester who goes beyond the traditional, great recognition awaits you BUT if you do things just for recognition you won't get it. Come out and communicate if you haven't been communicating or else you will see yourself vanishing.

I am sandwiched between my guru and my student winning the award at around the same time. What a fantastic moment for me. During the toughest of the times, I kept hoping that software testers who focus on human skills should shine in the future and those who aren't willing to challenge their minds should vanish.

This is just the beginning of a greater success of these people. Wake up or Vanish!


Anuj Magazine said...

Hi Pradeep,
Thanks for sharing this information. I think awards are a welcome change for Software Testing community espacially in India. I know they earlier used to be limited to conferences and it does feel good to see the awards for community particpation and for demonstrating the Testing skills. This indeed is a much needed change and can only help to positively impact the community.
Congratulations to you and everyone you have mentioned in the post!


Pradeep Soundararajan said...


Many thanks for coming forward to congratulate the people who were awarded.

I was very nervous if a tester would ever come out and wish/congratulate those testers and you were the first one to do it. That's what I would call - leading by example.

Mubbashir said...


Thanks a lot for sharing.
Out to celebrate by reading the Slides (http://www.developsense.com/presentations/e2008twofutures.pdf).

Such a treat for me!!
Reading an Award wining presentation :)

Pradeep Soundararajan said...


You joined the bandwagon. Cool!