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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How to show product quality? - (Uncensored Version)


Ajoy Singha said...

Hi Pradeep,

In my opinion too, judging the quality of a product based on number of test cases passed is not a good idea. But unfortunately our product managers don't understand this.

I have seen this even when I worked for one of our clients, a leading IT major. Their testers, managers were more interested to know about test cases than knowing the holes in the product that test cases did not cover.

We, testers, developers, product managers, should understand that tools cannot think like a human brain.


Anonymous said...


If they don't understand - we better educate them. You now have something ( I meant this presentation ) to show them and that can help in their education.

Do not bother about those who are reluctant to change or learn because they don't deserve your time.

You are tomorrow's Test Manager and if you understand this - the coming generation is going to live in a place much safer than what we live today.

Keep spreading and keep infecting!

Anonymous said...

Any chance you could put the presentation up in a non proprietary forma or at least PDF?

Amit said...

Hi Pradeep,
I am unable to open this file, i am using Open Office and the Error message is "Read-Error. The loading of password-encrypted Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is not supported".
seeking you help!!!


PP said...

Days may change as quality is not something which is ensured to become nice (a context sensitive term) human beings but something which is market-driven. Which is required by companies to survive long...?

So… albeit Manager will keep pushing this test case strategy,far as far as they can. As these things produce stats which they admire...they have to change soon.

Pradeep,you know when i asked a manager(i am working at client side these days),Do we have people here who uses exploratory testing?. She said do you have exploratory test cases!!.

We all have to pitch in to educate our Managers. As I don’t want to wait till next generation really understands “ How to test”!!

Anonymous said...


I am going to fix it soon and you'll have to revisit this post tomorrow.

Thanks for letting me know the problem as it helps me plan my future ideas and posts.

Its important that as testers that we promptly send error/crash reports to Microsoft or any software that intends to collect such information unless we have a pirated copy of their product.

Anonymous said...


I was thrilled to read your comment and I got excited about your experience.

I think it is people like you who *must* educate managers and all I wish is that the managers lack ego and willing to learn to become a better tester or test manager.

Thanks again. You added a valuable point to this post.

Anonymous said...


I shall be helping you out, too, as I mentioned for Amith. Just give me a day's time and I shall be able to provide you with what you asked for or in some other form that I think might benefit you.

Anonymous said...

@PP and others,

Forgot to mention a point that I remembered just now:

I created this presentation - to help you people in educating your managers. The true value of reading this is only when you pass it on to those whom you want to educate.

Anonymous said...

A great presentation to show how most traditional test case execution or management would provide the numbers (in the name of quality) referencing those pre-defined test scripts, however, product management would still need to see some measure of quality in terms of numbers.

I haven't read all your posts, i am sure this might have been already covered in your earlier posts, it would be a good idea to point to those resources in this presentation about the way you would justify the quality "over and beyond any preliminary test scripts" and pass/fail data out of them. I agree the number of test scripts and number of bugs found do not EXACTLY communicate the quality although that has been a myth to the product management and dev and test teams in most teams.

@pp: regarding ET ("She said do you have exploratory test cases!!") --> I am sure there are individuals with this question, but as you and Pradeep said we should be able to point those individuals to heuristics (i found one via Pradeep's blog before) and James' presentation - that's a big eye opener for people to understand the benefits of ET - specially added with appropriate story with it.

Great to see valuable posts here - thank you.