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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Are you one among the lucky 20 testers of the world?

Hi Reader,

On August 27th I wrote, Gold mines opening up for Indian testers and many Indian testers did contact James Bach for the online seminar he was planning to offer. The gates are open now to 20 testers worldwide.

James Bach is offering a 2 free webinars, one on Rapid Software Testing - V2.1 (new!) and another one on The Unbearable Lightness of Model-Based Testing.

If you are interested to be one among the 20, hold on for a while before you e-mail James and look at the following information.

First Webinar - Rapid Software Testing - V2.1 (new! - updated by Michael Bolton and James Bach)
Date - 4th January
Time - 1: 30 AM ( Indian Standard Time )

Second Webinar - The Unbearable Lightness of Model-Based Testing
Date: 9th January
Time: 7:00 AM ( Indian Standard Time)

Of course, James has blogged this information - My First Webinar !

You have a reason to read further

As a student who interact with James Bach on a daily basis, here is my recommendation -

1. If you get a chance to be one among the 20, try using a very high speed broadband or the one that might be available in your office. I use BSNL broadband 256 kbps speeds and yet I face issues like connectivity problems, call drop and so on.

2. Keep your PC up to date with latest versions of Skype, IE updates / Firefox / ActiveX plugins that might help you avoid surprises in the last minute.

3. I recommend you to purchase a 10 Euro calling facility from Skype that helps you for all future webinars,too. You get close to 600 minutes to US/any country in that 10 Euro, so it's cool.

4. Keep a notebook and pen ready. It might help you as a tester, if you have downloaded the RST slides and or Appendices even if you are not lucky to get an invite.

5. Test your headset - speaker and microphone well in advance.

6. Prepare a list of things that could go wrong and look for work around and have them ready with you.

7. Keep yourself fresh even despite the webinar being midnight for India.

I am sure, you wouldn't want to miss this opportunity in any form! If I were you, I would request an invitation from James through a polite e-mail. For any further information or clarification on System and internet connectivity, you are free to e-mail or call me.

What James Bach has not mentioned in his blog is, "This free webinar is the Christmas/ New year gift James Bach is offering to testers worldwide".

-- Pradeep Soundararajan - pradeep.srajan@gmail.com - http://testertested.blogspot.com - +91-98451-76817

"Pradeep's first language is not English--his first language appears to be testing." -- Michael Bolton


Anonymous said...

Thanks Pradeep for giving us such useful information. I got Permission to attend this. Thanks again.

Best Regards and Thanks
Mukesh Dhingra

Karen N Johnson said...


Thanks for your practical suggestions. I'm currently trying to resolve an audio issue with my Skype account so I can more easily work with James and be open to working with other people. I need to resolve this small technical challenge.

I'm enjoying your blog. Your sincerity is felt and appreciated.

Best Wishes,
Karen N Johnson