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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Know what you are asked to test - Audio podcast

Hi Reader,

All this while you have been reading my posts but now you are going to hear from me as well.

Hurrah, that's great news! ( at least for me )

_ Know what you are asked to test _

Before I posted this audio in my blog, I did send this to a couple of testers in India and Brazil and their views have made me to go ahead post this as my first audio podcast. ( Look at me, as a tester, I did test my content before posting it for you).Thanks to those folks from Brazil and India for their time and views.

This audio you are going to listen, is around 5 minutes and according to me; is able to convey what I wanted to and so I am happy :).

After listening to the file, you would be able to compare the approach of most of the testers in India and the approach that has evolved out of research by experts like James Bach, Cem Kaner , Jerry Weinberg ... I am sure, after listening to the file you might be able to design better tests for any given product and you would gain a satisfaction of bettering yourself as a tester.

If you are a newbie to testing, this audio file might be the first step for you to start traveling the road to become a good tester. If you are experienced, no issues, check if there is something missing in your approach after listening.

If you are an expert, the file you need to listen, is still in making :P

Thanks to Tarik Seth who came to my home to be a part of this exercise.

Hey Pradeep, where is the file you are talking about?

Right click -> Open -> Save THIS FILE to your hard disk . (This file is put in a temporary location and will be moved to a permanent location soon and hence link this post and not the file alone)

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_ Know what you are asked to test _

" there could have been a better question here, isn't it? "

Thanks and Regards,
Pradeep Soundararajan

Note:You are free to distribute this file to other testers whom you want to improve along with you. Also, if you or your organization wishes to have such exercises that can make testers better testers, get in touch with me. Also, if you are an individual who wishes to join me for an exercise or want to get test my exercises, you still can get in touch with me :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the podcast. It was really helpful, specially for freshers like me, on the approach to be taken for testing.

Mukesh said...

Pradeep you again gave us a fruit for thought. Definitely while testing I was missing some things which I came to know after listening to this. Waiting for your next post...

Anonymous said...

Pradeep Thanx A Lot For teaching us a new way of approach.Tht How should v need to hav the approach while testing.
Thnx a lot.....

Vaishali K said...

hay pradeep

I am not able to download the audio mentioned in this post

could you help me in this.