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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wild Wild Test !

Hi Reader,

Welcome to wildlife of Testing! Does it really exist?

Well in some interviews, a tester is tested to answer some wild questions but according to me those are really thought provoking. Whenever I am free I think of testing something with a wild touch. No, I am not trying to bring out a new testing concept “Wild Test” but just giving that name assuming it suits to what I have in mind.

__ Wild Wild Test __

Coffee Maker – One of my friends who went through Microsoft interview process in Bangalore was asked a question “Tell us one unique (wild) case that you will write to test a coffee maker.

Wild Test case for testing a Coffee Maker – Instead of pouring water for decoction, pour coffee itself and it would be interesting to watch what comes out and the test completes by tasting the outcome.

Pen – Some person had asked me about this after reading my Tester Tested in interview.

Wild Test case for testing a Pen – If fountain pen, fill it with blood and try writing a love letter. (Although this may look wild, one of my friend experimented it some years back and he said the pen didn’t write, although he didn’t get the girl, I got a test case from him and I am sure you must also have come across such love maniacs...)

Alternatively try catching some rodent near your house and try killing it with the pen you have in hand. Don’t you think this is a good wild test case? You should have by now noticed that many people have got hurt from pens since when someone strike you with a sharp pointed pen, it hurts a lot, you shall then agree that a pen is mightier than a sword.

Mosquito Repellent – This could be a futuristic interview question and it did look interesting one for me.

Wild Test case for testing a Mosquito Repellent –Leaving the mosquito repellent ON for a few days in a room where there are dead mosquitoes. Are you surprised why this test case is anyway valid?
This test case will ensure that a mosquito is repelled and its body is not burnt or affected by any means. (Too wild isn’t it? zzzzzzzzz)

Microwave Owen – Some truth is going to come out here…

Wild test case for testing Microwave Owen –Try putting in a pressure cooker, which contains rice, and water that needs to be cooked into the Microwave Owen. Are you surprised why I may be talking silly? You need not actually since when one of my seniors my previous company made a first trip to US, did this and trust me; today he is cognizant of all products.
Subjecting the Microwave Owen to an Ultra wave/sonic test while a Microwave is functioning.

Washing Machine – Out of my own personal experience…

Wild test case for testing Washing Machine –Put some coins in your shirt and trouser pockets and allow them for a gentle wash in your own washing machine. This will prove a design fault which is the 1 Rupee Indian coin blocks the water outlet and the whole washing machine should be dismantled sometimes to remove it and bring it to normal functionality. Trust me, I gifted the so-called best washing machine for my mom and I am talking about the same one.

Note – Most of the above are true and as a tester when I witnessed such outcomes and heard such outcomes from people using the product in a wild way added another dimension in the testing I do.

Now for some testing gyaan for you

As a Tester of a product, always think there is a wild animal that is going to use the product you are testing and ensure to a certain extent that the wild animal is not affected physically by using it in its own way.

As a Tester try to imagine some out of the box scenarios that may or may not occur in the future and moreover think futuristic while writing test cases, its your lead or manager headache to remove the test case but you write it…

As a Tester learn and implement subjective testing, means – ask varied kind/class of people to use the product and see how and what for they use it, without telling them what the product is. (I too know what usability testing is, don’t confuse yourself, subjective testing is something different)

__ Wild Wild Test ! __

“The wildest Tester India should be proud of is Lalu Ji, he spits pan over every mic ”


Pradeep Soundararajan


Disclaimer: This is my perception and my own views and does not reflect anyone’s but surely some points are inspired outcomes. You maybe having a more wilder test case for above products and I would appreciate if you could jot it down for your own progress.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pradeep, I really couldn't accept your wild imagination (as I call it) or creative test cases (as you would call it).
Only the Washing M/C test case was acceptable as letting the clothes with coins can happen quite frequently.
I suppose every product is given to the customer with a Operations Guide. No matter how wild the customer is... he definitely wouldn't be wild enough to test the product on which he has spent some money. He certainly would never pour coffee in to a coffee maker.


Pradeep Soundararajan said...

Hi Selva,

Thanks for the comment !

I had mention that perception differs from person to person there could be people who have felt the washing machine case which you mentioned as a creative one as a non-wild test case.

Pradeep Soundararajan said...

Why would anyone pour coffee into a coffee maker ?

This question itself is a proof to say that this is a wild test case... if it was just another ordinary one , this question wouldn't have been.

Also did I mention anywhere above that these are creative test cases ?

Amol Agare said...

Got about Wild testing...But can u elaborate on monkey testing?

Is it wild or pet?

Pradeep Soundararajan said...

That is the most fantastic comment I have ever got till date , Thanks a ton Amol ...

Monkey is a wild that can be made as a pet , depends on how you tame it and hence I would call Monkey Testing both - wild and pet :D

Thanks again !

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Anonymous said...

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Joy Forever said...

“The wildest Tester India should be proud of is Lalu Ji, he spits pan over every mic ”

ROFL boss... where do you get such amazing ideas?

Anonymous said...

WOWWWWWWWWWWW..... TOO GOOD!!! I got the message - directed towards whacky thinkn.... thanksss

- Arundhati (annu_1308@rediffmail.com)