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Thursday, April 13, 2006

We Model Testing

Hi Reader,

In many of the interviews I have been ….

“Pradeep, could you tell me what model of Testing were you following in your previous company”

Before understanding the industry, my answer was…
“I don’t think we follow any Testing Model” and got rejected for not knowing the model.

After understanding the industry, my answer was …
“V Model Testing” and got selected for the next round.

For those who think this industry is full of ideals, this post is not for you.
For those who think one should not lie in the interview, this post is not for you.
For those who think as a Tester they experienced V model, this post is not for you.
For those who think many testers are aware of V model, this post is not for you.
For those who don’t think anything and just test what you are asked to without asking questions … this post is definitely not for you.
For everyone else….

__ We model Testing __

V model Testing is a not only a model but a far more advanced research thesis given by janta (public), for its just another so called good process for testing.

Well I had a request sometime back to explain verification and validation, so here is the mixture…

V- model actually is the verification and validation model. “Ah ! Pradeep there are hundreds of blogs and whitepapers which gives such gyaan, explain us in a better way”

“Sure, my dear readers”

What is Verification?

Let us assume your mom/wife has asked you to buy some vegetables to cook something for the guests expected at your home. Your mom/wife further speaks out that they would like to have W X Y Z vegetables at half a kilo, one-kilo, one and a half kilo and two-kilo respectively.
Now what would you do? (If you love your mom/wife) You would take up a paper and write down their requirements and check with them whether what you have written is meeting their expectation in terms of vegetable variety and weights.

Perfect, what you have done now is Verification. In software or Test terminologies … Verification is a process to check whether the right system is built. (For dummies … Verification is a process to check whether the vegetables noted down are the right ones to be bought)

Then, What is Validation?

Lets say you have got the slip (document) you wrote verified by your mom/wife and you have gone to the market to purchase the same. You buy vegetables W X Y and Z. You doubt the grocer and ask him to weigh the vegetable W for half a kilo, X for one-kilo…

Perfect, what you have done now is Validation. In software or Test terminologies … Validation is a process to check whether the system built is right. (Again, for dummies … Validation is a process to check whether each of the vegetable you have bought really weighs the expected weight)

This V model when expanded in detail has a testing associated with each of the requirement/design/development phase… or if you have got interested over it by now check this link.

Now starts a better story …

During your first 3-4 years of your Testing Career, has your manager/lead explained to you the model they are following or at least were you able to grasp it based on what you are doing?

Not every friend of yours can say, “Yes”

Unfortunately you are expected to answer a question in interview about the model you are supposed to be following. And by chance you get selected and join them and when you do your next switch of job, you will be asked the same damn question for which your answer is (usually) the same and you are consciously making a mistake because you really don’t know what model was followed … Frankly speaking, I have been in 4 companies out of which two are in Fortune Top 50 companies and other two are Unfortunate Top 50 companies. I really didn’t experience any model anywhere.

Is it a Tester’s mistake or a manager’s mistake or the organization’s mistake?

It is the mistake with the attitude that is happening. This mistake of attitude does not spare a Tester, Manager and any Organization. The point I have stressed here maybe small to you but it may affect you on a long time run if you/me is affected with attitude syndrome.

If {
You are a Tester; ask your manager what model you people are supposed to be following.
You are a Lead, ask you manager and let your juniors know what model you were supposed to be following for all this while.
You are a Manager, ask yourself whether you are paid to answer all these stupid questions?
Else {
Flush the buffer, it may contain all the above junk.

__ We model Testing __

“My friend told, his company has a V shaped model and her name is ….”
Pradeep Soundararajan
Disclaimer : If you are one among all those testers who do not have the same experience as me... there is a link above in the page to proceed to some other blog ;-D. I have just shared what I have experienced and what I have researched keeping my friends/co-workers as subjects and I agree that your experience may differ.This post is here to make the fellow testers/readers of this post realize what they should learn apart from getting a pat from the manager for slogging and simply executing test cases in time wont take you a long way.


Anonymous said...

no one has explained V & V in such a simple way.It is going to benefit a lot of people.I thank for this.

Anonymous said...


I am Aurelia from Romania and I like your posts.Keep up the good work.

Expressions said...

As usual...Another Eye opener to me....Thanks for this knowledge share...

Anonymous said...

I like your posts. It's good.

From Brazil

Anonymous said...

after reading you bug bugger buggest post , I should add a comment to this post as Simple Simpler Simplest - of explanations , way2go.

Sandeep Mehrotra said...

Very true indeed.

Abhishek said...

“My friend told, his company has a V shaped model and her name is ….”

after reading above lines,it took 30sec for me to understand the fun factor associated with it..

I don't know how many found it and did smile :)

Thanks for a wonderful blog