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Monday, February 06, 2006

Tester in Toilet !

Hi Reader,

Again thanks , thanks and thanks for all your support , feedback and encouragement ! Words are'nt enough !

I dont know how interesting this post would be for people revisiting and for first timers here .. this could be a wrong sample :-D , but I did wanted to write about 'this'. What a bad english ,mentioning "this" without explaining/mentioning it prior to the sentence. Well anyhow i meant "Toilet Paper Towel or Toilet Paper" as 'this and 'it' too :-D.

__ Tester in Toilet __

You wouldn't be surprized if I tell you that "you too visit toilet often" but the difference between the ones in our office and the ones in our home is simple .... a toilet paper/towel dispenser.

Our office is equipped with Kimberly Clark Professional Toilet Paper/Towel Dispenser , a widely used product in most places like IT companies , Hotels , Pubs ..etc.

I visited their site and it tells "Innovative brands for everyday Life" , good to hear that !

I notice that lot of people struggle to pull a paper/paper-towel out of it ...

1) The papers are stacked and we need to pull it from the bottom.
2) There is a rare chance that a person pulls only one paper , the design is something like "pull one paper and the ones that fall down by your action are free"
3) Should we be educated to use such a product , my friend told "prad , you dont know to use it".
4) Usually it is touched/pulled with wet hands , the other papers you dont pull becomes wet , is this a design limitation of such a complex product.
5) Of course I am aware that there are different variants and I am talking about the ones available in some of the MNC IT companies I have been with.
6) To stack back the ones which falls down accidently ( in fact on most of occasions ) is another complex facto.
7) On one side of life we say "Save paper" and in the toilet we dont care if an extra paper falls down and it is the product's design that should help people to "save paper".
8) Today is a generation where printers are so sophisticated to handle paper jams and I have also witnessed a printer which takes one paper at a time despite the paper being 20gsm ( very thin ) and why not a simple product like Toilet paper dispenser have such. Who is stopping ?
9) Although all the papers we use at office , clubs , resorts , hotels... are recycled but why to recycle something which was not used at all ?

Now as a true product tester -

1) A tester as wrongly concepted is not a person who not only reports bugs but should be able to suggest the right design change to make the feature/product more user friendly.
2) A tester should not limit himself by just observing and not reporting something.
3) A tester should be very observant and should be able to recollect information from brain and heart.
4) A good designer can be a good tester and vice versa too hold good.
5) A life of a good tester is havoc , he isnt satisfied with any product.
6) A life of a good tester is phenomenal , he is satisfied of doing his job/virtue in and outside the office.

__ End of _ Tester in Toilet __

"Beware ! Testers are in toilet too"

Thanks and Regards

Pradeep Soundararajan

Disclaimer : The intention of this post is no way to pin point the limitation or draw back of any product but just to make a point that things can be made simpler and easier to use than its current way.The points made about tester are solely my own imagination/assumptions and it is not extracted from anywhere else and also based on my own experiences.I and my experiences could be wrong so dont take it !


Sugarlady said...

This is funny :)

I just started to read this blog from start and I just love the way it's written. I wish I could write like that.

Testing in marvelous thing in our lifes, even in toilet.


p.s. It asked me to publish again after preview - it's a bug :P

Pradeep Soundararajan said...


I am glad to know you are enjoying the posts and you might read more interesting, useful and worthy articles as you go up the history :)

Publish Again might be a bug but not just Publish after a Preview!