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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Google talk(ed) to me / How to support a bug report ?

Hi Reader,

I not only observe or dig out bugs with products I use/see but as a 'so called' good tester I take responsibility to inform the organization what I observe (Psst ! will you believe I noticed a low severity bug in an ATM)

One such example of me submitting a defect/bug I noticed in Google Talk Beta is here for you -
From: Pradeep.S
To: Google Team talk-feedback@google.com
Date: Nov 30, 2005 9:39 AMSubject: Re: [#39773933] Application Window - blank/jitters - copy paste of mail id from Gmail !


Problem description : In order to add a contact, copy paste of user name from one of the mail recieved in Gmail from another Gmail account to the Contact field available in Google Talk results in the contact field to go blank/jitter.

Reproducibility : 100%

Steps to Reproduce :

1) Keep the Gmail signed in and open one of the recieved mail which hasthe 'From' field :
xxxx@gmail.com .
2) Sign in to Google Talk and click the mouse on "Add Contacts" so that the cursor keeps blinking.
3) Copy ( using Ctrl - C )the username part from the mail opened by following step one of this test procedure

4) Click again on the Search contacts field where the cursor is already blinking and paste (using Ctrl-V).

Expected result : As per your design , if the contact does not exist the list section is blank.

Actual Result : After the paste operation there are few black dots/blank/jittered displayin "Search for Contacts" field.

OS : Win XP : ProIE : 6.0.2800
Other info :
1) Logged in MSN messenger.
2) Parallely logged in Yahoo messenger through www5.meebo.cominterface.

Pradeep Soundararajan

IssueType: bugsLanguage: enOS: winxpproNetwork: corporateLANWireless: noClient: talkProblem: friends.addorremove"

Well , I did get a mail of acceptance of the Bug/defect from the Google Talk team.

1) I was amazed to see their prompt replies and this I feel this is one of their pros for which Google is being/becoming the most admired company.

2) Did you know , there is a datalogger along with Google Talk Beta, they would ask you to enable it if they need some logs for any issue you may observe in future. ( Psst ! its something like Microsoft "Send Report" for the rare crash/hang you may wuld have noticed infrequently)

3) My intent of putting up the above is not to showcase the bug but to inform you all what data an organization would need if you have to raise a CR/Bug/Defect.

4) A checklist of how to raise/inform an issue to an organization is ...
a) Operating System details ( version/patches and not whether it is pirated or not :D )
b)Internet browser - Internet explorer ,Firefox ,Mozilla ,Netscape...
c) Whether anyfirewalls/antispyware/spam/virus areenabled ?
d) Clear steps of reproduction , Screen shots , Logs ( if available)
e) Other information that will make them understand/solve/support your claim of having found a defect/bug.

Hope this helps atleast one reader ! being good at something isnt a curse always.
Help organizations to resolve the bugs you notice by reporting them in a way where developers/analysis team spends less time to accept/resolve/reject your claim.

Thanks and Regards

Pradeep Soundararajan

update_1 : sorry folks ! thrice i tried to insert/add the screenshot i gave but failed, will do it once am back to office.
update_2: Unable to load *.bmp images - If anyone from google looks at this , pls try to fix it !


Anonymous said...

So google responded. Contrary to my belief that pros have an attitude.

You have a nice site going. Dont stop blogging.

Pradeep Soundararajan said...

Thanks a lot anonymous,

You are the first one to leave a comment and I would remember this for a lifetime !

Btw , could you please let me know who you are by getting in touch through pradeep.srajan@gmail.com


Pradeep Soundararajan

M.RajaniKanth Reddy said...

you have a very good experience in Testing concepts.Hope you can add few more articls on Testing.


Anonymous said...

Really it is a good site for Validation team members.
I really got benefit from it...........

Anonymous said...

i am new in testing feild
just started my career

can u give me some tips how can i make my self a good tester



Anonymous said...

Its one of the best informative sites I hv come across..I am in performance testing..Would you answer my queries if I have any?


nagendragp said...

I didn't know so much was actually required to raise a bug.. very useful Thanks..

Abhideep said...

Hi sir,

Regarding your updates, you can open a pic which is in *bmp and then select 'save as' to save it in another version such as .jpg, etc. also, there is scope to format and insert images in blogspot. you can select 'remove HTML formatting' and the post can be as well edited as in MS word.

I liked your posts. Very informative.


Abhideep said...

Hi sir,

I really enjoyed reading your post. Regarding your updates, i would like to mention that you can open a *bmp pic in any pic editor such as ms pic manager, paint, etc and then choose 'save as' file type as .jpg, .jpeg, etc. also, you can insert these pics in the blog and format anyway you like. just choose 'remove HTML formatting' while editing your post in blogspot and your work is done.